Sometimes you need someone else to do the cooking . . . A great big thank you . . . Pierogi night!

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Because Sometimes You Just Need Someone Else to do the Cooking

once-a-weekAh, long summer days. Sometimes it feels like you have all the time in the world to cook and enjoy long, leisurely dinners with your family and friends. Okay, maybe summer days don’t always match up with that expectation, but before we know it, the even busier fall will be here! Our meal delivery service is going strong all year round, so if you’ve got a busy week, or a friend with an especially busy time or a new addition to the family, give us a call and we’ll make you a week’s worth of food. Choose from our meatless Vegetarian share, our Omnivore share, and we are about to launch an extra special new version, to be announced very soon!

Event Information

A Big Buzzy Thank You

bee-beardThank you to everyone who made our ONCE Follow the Honey event spectacular! Thank you to everyone who attended, to all the magnificent performers, beekeepers, and producers of beelicious things. Special thanks to Toni Bee, the Poet Populist Emerita of Cambridge, the always lovely Mary and Caneen Canning of Follow the Honey and Follow the Honey Bee Farm, performance artist Sarah Paterson, Sadie Richards, Boston Beekeepers Club, Green River Ambrosia, Eat Local Honey, The Benevolent Bee, Baer’s Bees, Best Bees, Warm Colors Apiary, Autumn Morning Farm, Yard Birds Farm, Carlisle Honey, Clumsy Dog Apiary, Jenny D’s Bees, and Peterson Party Center.

Pierogi Night

pierogi-nightPlease join us on Thursday, August 7, for eastern European music and food, featuring our own homemade pierogi! We will welcome Somerville Symphony Orkestar, Karikatura, and Cocek! Brass Band to our stage, and enjoy pierogi and beer (as well as cider and cocktails, naturally!) This is the most fun you can have on a Thursday summer night!

Meal Delivery Menu Brainstorm

Our chefs have some big plans for Tuesday Meal Delivery. Here’s just a taste of what we are going to make for you:
Omnivore: ONCE Meal Delivery

  • Grilled Kofta Kabobs with Tzatziki
  • Cusk Etouffee
  • Grilled Potatoes
  • Summer Fruit Tart

Vegevore: ONCE Vegetarian Meal Delivery

  • Grilled Corn Salad
  • Triticale Tabbouleh
  • Thyme Rustici Pasta with Seasonal Veggies
  • Mushroom Stuffed Cabbage

And don’t forget Taco Night on Monday! Every Monday this summer from 6 -8, or until we run out.


We’ve launched our new website and very soon we’ll have an improved ordering system. Don’t be alarmed! It’s the same great food made even easier. You can also inquire about catering and hall rentals.

Interested in picking up your share, rather than delivery? Get in touch with to stop by from 10 – 2 on Tuesday to grab your share.

*Due to the nature of local food, our ingredients are subject to weather fluctuation and farmer availability. Our menu is always subject to change. No matter what, if you sign up for a meal delivery, you’ll get a fridgeful of delicious, local food, made with love.

See you soon!

The CeL Crew

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