“I ran into a friend of mine JJ…. she’s a CHEF and started her dream catering company: an amazing local-organo-farm-to-table outfit called “cuisine en locale”: (they even do CSA-style food delivery as a healthy alternative to standard take-out, if you’re local, go look. they are AWESOME).”

Amanda Palmer
Amanda Palmer

“Cuisine en Locale is far beyond the usual. This is local real food with meticulous preparation and cooking. I just don’t see anything ever being better than this.”

Brett Nelson
Brett Nelson Built to Spill

"Dear Cuisine en Locale, I’m writing you clandestinely from my mom’s email account. That’s because I’m 6 months old, and I don’t have email yet. I write to you tonight to thank you for finally getting my parents to sign up for your service. After weeks of uninspired baby food, I finally got to eat something good. Gil_TestimonialThis week, the tzatziki drew my attention the most. The fresh, red beet taste was like ‘WOW BAM BAM’! I had it along with oatmeal puree – a sin, but since I only have two teeth, I had to take a pass on the crackers. The color was the brightest, deepest purple I had ever seen, and I thought it complemented my lips quite a bit.” Yours sincerely

 Gil H.
Gil H. Baby / Food Critic

"Good morning Cuisine en Locale! The packaging, delivery and food were absolutely WONDERFUL. I had been looking forward to receiving the delivery for several days when I was called to the Reception Desk of my office. While other delivery services provide a brown bag or other simple wrapping with their logo C.E.L. provided a brightly colored, cool/hot insulated bag. Not only was my food protected during a days’ deliveries but I could easily store it in the office refrigerator and transport it home at the end of the day. I was also excited that the delivery was completed during my business hours. When the order was placed I was informed of a delivery window that extended past my office hours. But C.E.L. was mindful of the type of location they were delivering to and made sure I had my food before the end of business! Anticipation continued to build until the time I could plate my meal. I was nervous inviting a friend to join me. She was put at ease by the clear menu descriptions and was able to easily steer toward menu items that would not agitate her wheat and dairy sensitivities. The aroma of a home cooked meal filled the air as we warmed our plates. Within 15 minutes of arriving home dinner was served. We had tender pork bellies with apples, rosemary and grains, honey carrots and savory scotch broth with biscuits. The all natural, local grown or raised stock with expert preparation warmed me through and through. Oh, it was divine. I can not wait for this week’s delivery! Most Sincerely,

Natale C.
Natale C. Cambridge, MA

"Why I love CeL: Got the delivery last night, before I fell asleep—after flying back from the Middle East to the West Coast, then back to Boston yesterday. When it’s 6 AM and you wake up jetlagged and starving, there is no substitute for fantastic local meals that you can just heat up. You guys are, as ever, a lifesaver for me in these situations!"

P Cambridge, MA

Hours & Info

We are open from 6pm - 10pm every Monday (Taco Mondays!) and on select events. Check Facebook, Twitter, and our Event Calendar for which days we are featuring our delicious buffet dinner. Questions? Call 617.285.0167