ONCE Follow the Honey gets a lot of love

It was a beautiful evening, there was a gentle breeze, and everywhere the bees were buzzing.  What’s wrong with this picture?  We were standing in a parking lot in Somerville. No flowers anywhere to be seen, just a lot of cement, and almost 8,000 bees.

That was the beginning of an evening presented by Cuisine en Locale in cooperation with Follow the Honey of Harvard Sq.  Ten courses, ten bee keepers, and much love all in aid of raising awareness about bees, in particular honey bees, and their sad plight as they are being wiped out by industrial agriculture and changing climate.

First we were thrilled to receive this great posting on “A Little Bit About a Lot of Things”, and then yesterday the Boston Globe North addition featured us on the cover with this excellent story and beautiful photos.

Thanks for following the honey! Please take the time to read up on bees and how important they are.  Thank you!


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