All About our All Local BBQ – Fresh Annually* since 2005!

Cuisine en Locale has been holding an all local BBQ every summer (*besides 1!) for 8 years.  The first one, in 2005, was the product of a demand for our food from people who were not our catering clients.  We decided to do a big dinner, just once, for the public.  When Miri, who draws are beautiful posters, came up with the acronym One Night Culinary Event we dubbed the party ONCE BBQ.

The first BBQ was a big hit, as the later ones have also been, and a lot of people who were there appreciated the idea of ONCE as a concept: a multi course, multi sensory, movable feast always incorporating the best, local food at the time and in the place.

O.N.C.E. in Hell: Dante's Inferno in Ten Courses
O.N.C.E. in Hell: Dante’s Inferno in Ten Courses

We liked the experience so much that we continued to create multi course, one night culinary experiences in spaces that were not restaurants.  We created a culinary version of Dante’s Inferno, titled ONCE in Hell: Dantes Inferno in Ten Courses, and enlisted ART performers to produce it at Oberon in Harvard Sq. with an ART assistant director to run the show.  We flew across the country to Portland Oregon and staged ONCE: Dinner as Theater in a church-turned-playhouse where we ran grilled food from outside to the stage where we plated it and then to the diners who were sat, lounging on couches, in the theater bleachers.  They watched, and ate, and had a great time.

A few years after we started making ONCEs happen on a near monthly basis, the idea of Pop Up dining began to permeate popular press, making it easier to explain what it was we were doing.

This summer of 2014, our 8th cooking all local ingredients for parties and milestone events, has been a great one and we cannot wait to wrap it up with one last blast before the chill comes in.  Our endless spread of BBQ fare is thematically paired with icons from Ian Fleming’s great masterwork, the James Bond series.  We have great plans for entertainment from the Country Hits, who will be playing standards and Bond hits, as well as a Bond accessorized photo booth.  We invite any and everyone to come to the Aeronaut Brewery on Sunday, from 4-10pm to join in the fun.

Dinner tickets are available in advance here and will be available at the door in limited numbers.


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