Band Booking Information

We are lovers of music and we understand that bands need some concession.  We have developed an arrangement whereby bands can do a lot of the work that makes it necessary to charge what we do for room rentals.

Read through the following document. If you are willing to take the responsibility of promoting a show here, then we are willing to explain how the reduced rate will work. After reading, please contact JJ at 617-285-0167 to discuss booking .


Ground Rules for Rock Shows at Cuisine en Locale (AKA CeL Rider)

We are excited to work with you and will do everything we can to make your show awesome. Please communicate respectfully and remind your acts to do the same

Please plan to have 3 helper people “working” at all times

We recommend that you remain unassigned, to be able to deal with sudden issues as needed. If you are able to bring three folks, that is best

One of your people must always be available for band and other admin issues.

2 of your people must attend the entry to the show while tickets are on sale, and one person must attend the entry at all times.

You are responsible for keeping your door money secure. There is a bus stop out front and unattended cash, electronics, etc are very vulnerable to theft.
If you choose to check bags, to prevent the need to look through them for bottles, you are responsible for their security as well.

We suggest stamping or braceleting those who have paid. We have rubber stamps, but please bring your own inkpad or bracelets.

We will provide a minimum of 2 persons to work with you

• One room manager, who is responsible for circulating perimeter indoors and out at all times as well as maintaining legal fire and other documents.

• One security person who stays at the door to help with control and IDs. This person can also be the room manager for events of fewer than 200 people.

•At least one TIPS certified bartender

Rules to be enforced by Cuisine en Locale and your security team:

  •  No one can bring in outside alcohol EVER.
  •  No one can bring in outside food, staff included.
  •  No one can leave with drinks of any kind.
  •  It is required that IDs are checked for every single person entering andboth hands of those under 21 must be marked with highly visible, SharpieX’s.
  •  Volunteers working the door must supervise this activity in conjunction with CeLstaff.
  •  Outside alcohol is to be taken away from anyone coming in. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  •  Noise complaints are to be handled by the CeL Room Manager. Please do notattempt to mitigate a noise complaint.
  •  The outdoor perimeter must be monitored approximately every 15 minutes by either CeL or your security person.
  •  Check for people congregating where they should not­ getting high in the alleyway, etc.
  •  Smokers out front must congregate on the Dunkin Donuts side of the building, not the side where the liquor store is located as there are residential neighbors immediately next to us and across the street.
  •  Attendees may not congregate in the parking lot behind the building as that also borders a residential area. Again with the “please, no shouting” thing.
  •  If there are issues with the bathroom, alert the Room Manager right away! We will keep an eye on toilet paper and hand soap during the event.
  •  If you expect a mosh pit at your event you must post strong security on both sides of the stage. Reasonable cost to repair broken monitors and microphones will be charged to the promoter.

Advance of show

The best scenario is to be loaded in and sound checked before the doors open. In other words, if your doors are at 7, plan to have your bands here no later than 5pm.
Please plan to arrive before or with your first band. Please confirm what time you are expected to arrive at Cuisine en Locale. We appreciate not only knowing when you are arriving but also if you are running late, so please keep our contact info handy.

Please assume you are responsible for all marketing of your shows, what we do is just extra, to be helpful.
If you provide us with artwork and posters before your show we will:

  •  List your show on our webpage calendar and build a FB event that links to yours, or represents for us all.
  •  Put up posters in the window, or on our bulletin board.
  •  Include materials in our own postering runs, when possible.
  •  Respond and retweet from social media (we are cuisineenlocale on FB, Twitterand Instagram)Arrival time

Give yourself enough time to set up, get on wifi, pee, or get acquainted with your Room Manager for the evening. This person is responsible for helping you throughout your event and is required to perform certain tasks on behalf of our licenses.

Once again, we prefer that promoters arrive before their acts, and that bands complete sound and line checks before doors open. Please schedule accordingly with all of your acts.


When you arrive to set up, please plan to have a walkthrough with your Room Manager, to put the following rules and regulations in context.

Band parking for load­in/load­out

Behind 156 Highland Ave, off of Central Street, there is a parking lot, and a ramp up to our stage door. There is also a parking lot level door with stairs.
We are happy to invite vans to park at the bottom and load in and out. If there is a spot they may stay there throughout the show

We share the lot so spots may not be reserved.

  •  Vans must be parked in the marked spaces, and as close to the wall as possible,this is a very active lot. DO NOT PARK SIDEWAYS. Trailers may be removedand parked in spaces next to vans upon approval of your Room Manager.
  •  Load all heavy gear through the stage door only. Please do not allow your bandsto attempt to carry in amplifiers through the glass front doors. The replacementfee for broken glass is $1,000 per window.
  •  The stage door must be closed whenever any band is playing. NOEXCEPTIONS. That means when a band is on you may not load anything in or out. We have neighbors with small children and our relationship with them is excellent because of this rule. If you think this will be an issue, because you have many bands on a bill, please assign one of your helpers to monitor the door opening and closing situation.
  •  Now, before you are all tired and finished, remind your bands to please not shout in the parking lot during load­out. Shouting inside is fine.Other parkingAcross Highland Street there is a parking lot in which our guests are allowed to park. Other people are allowed to park in these lots as well, and it’s first come first served.
    It’s a good idea to get here early and stake your claim on one of the primo parking spots because we do share them with the neighbors. Ditto with the lot across the street. On street parking is more plentiful the further away you get from the corner of Highland and Central.

Finishing up

Pack out all trash, recycling, and compost
Room must be returned to “spotless” and room manager must sign off


  •  Check bathrooms ­ you don’t have to deep clean ’em but we don’t do puke.
  •  Pick up obvious garbage and generally help us get the room back to baseline.
  •  Vacuum unless otherwise dismissed.Tickets and PayoutYou may control your tickets entirely, or if you wish we can sell them for you, through Eventbrite. We do not mark them up, so we do not make anything, their fee structure is on their page.
    Should you choose to have us host sales, you need to understand the following: Eventbrite pay out at least a week after the event closesIt takes a few more days after that for the money to get to the bank, so assume ten business days altogether.
    We will write you a check when the funds clear, and you can choose to have it mailed to you, or you may come to pick it up. If we don’t know where to send it we will wait to hear from you.
    If you have a balance with us at the end of your event we will deduct it from your Eventbrite payout and give you an accounting of the balance.Thanks!

    Together we will keep this place running and open for years to come! JJ Gonson and Cuisine en Locale 156 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA

    This is a living document and will change as we all learn. Most recently updated on December 15, 2014