Weekly Meal Delivery (“Meal Kits”) In Local and National News

In case you missed it, Cuisine en Locale was heavily featured in a recent Boston Herald article about the growing popularity of “Meal Kits.”

Check it out!

We are proud to say that we were ahead of the curve when it comes to providing local families with convenient, nutritious and delicious food as a way to simplify their weekly needs and connect them with the local food growers in their area.

While a number of other companies were mentioned in the article, Cuisine en Locale stands alone in the integrity of their sourcing and the quality and creativity present in every meal we cook and deliver.

Whether you are a long-time customer or simply curious to try something new, fresh and tasty, head on over to our website where you can learn more about how our program works and order for next week!

And in a stark contrast to the personal, sustainable and healthy approach we are committed to at Cuisine en Locale, this BuzzFeed investigative article profiled on Eater.com shines a bright light on the not-so-pretty tactics one of our national competitors has been using to scale their program at any cost.

Keep it local with CeL!

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