Introducing ONCE

Cuisine en Locale introduces ONCE

O.N.C.E= One Night Culinary/Creative/Community Events

SOMERVILLE, MA, July 6, 2015–

It’s not quite a restaurant, it’s not quite a bar, what is that place that used to be Anthony’s up on Highland Ave, anyway?

Dave Cagle, the man with a plan behind the bars at Green Street Grill, Lone Star Taco Bar and Trina’s Starlight Lounge knows, and on July 20th, 2015, he is ready to unveil the first part of his vision- The ONCE Lounge.

In Dave’s words, “The ONCE Lounge is a friendly, neighborhood place with extra great food and drinks. You can come in for dinner or just to hang out, shoot some pool and be social.”

The re-branding of the bar spaces at Cuisine en Locale includes draft beer taps, cane-based sodas, and a fresh, new menu of cocktails and mixed drinks at both bars- the upstairs in the Lounge, and in the Ballroom, downstairs.

The Lounge at ONCE will continue to be open on Mondays for taco night at 5pm

The Lounge is also open for food and drinks whenever there is a public event in either room on other nights.  Guests can check our events calendar to see what nights we are open.

The new moniker draws on a ten year history of pop-up food events presented by Cuisine en Locale, all of which bear the name ONCE, for One Night Culinary Events.  The ONCE Lounge is positioned to be a new neighborhood social gathering place where you will always find great food and drinks,  Dave and the Cuisine en Locale team have brought in pool tables, a Ms. PacMan / Galaga machine from 1981 and a CD jukebox, which they are stocking with just the kind of late ‘70’s-90’s punk everyone has come to expect from the Cuisine en Locale crew.

Monday July 20th, which is weekly Taco Night in the ONCE Lounge, is the starting date for the new ONCE Lounge, and will be followed by a series of industry events and a full scale launch party in September.

The big room downstairs, where shows and large events are held, will be established as the ONCE Ballroom at the same time.  Both spaces remain available for both public and private events.


Cuisine en Locale, the area’s premiere all-local event hall and caterer
with Dave Cagle of Green Street, and Lone Star Taco Bar Allston..


The unveiling of the ONCE Lounge at Cuisine en Locale

Monday, July 20th, 2015 5pm-10pm.


ONCE (Cuisine en Locale HQ)

156 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143


To celebrate the fruits of an excellent creative collaboration with the launching
of a much needed new watering hole and hang-out on Spring Hill


Free.  Cash bar with beer and cocktails, food menu items include small plates
for $6-$12 as well as entrees for $18-$25.  Tacos on Monday nights are $4 each.


You, your friend, your mother, her brother and anyone else
who is looking for somewhere to get a good drink, delicious locavore food
and a place to hang out with friends.


Dave Cagle is a 15 year veteran of the Boston restaurant scene. A native of Fayetteville, AR he moved to MA in 2000 to tend bar at the legendary B-Side Lounge.  After his 8 year stint at the B-Side he went on to become General Manager of Deep Ellum and Lone Star in Allston. More recently he has been spotted behind the bar at local favorites Green Street and Trina’s Starlite Lounge.


Cuisine en Locale was established as a locavore meal delivery, personal chef and caterer in 2005.  In 2013 the company moved into 156 Highland Ave, the historic Anthony’s function halls, first licensing the kitchen to continue doing meal delivery and catering jobs, and then opening the halls for event use in February of 2014.  Since moving to Highland Ave the company has hosted numerous galas, proms, weddings and music shows in the Ballroom, as well as establishing a weekly Monday night taco night in the Lounge.

Committed “locavores” always, the company is dedicated to using only the best product sourced from regional farms to create delicious and memorable meals all year round. Working directly with farmers and producers, we bring their food to table, making it good for them and the community at large. In addition we offer a meal delivery program called ONCE a Week, bringing healthy, ready-to-eat meals to busy folks.

Please contact JJ for more details, photos or interview requests. / 617-285-0167

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