Party On!

It Gets No Sweeter Than This

Did you know that as the weather gets colder, carrots get sweeter?  It’s true! They conserve sugars to protect them from the dangerous frost and in the process they become tastier than ever to us.

Fall is a great time for prowling the farmers market specials for delicious fall carrots, picking up big bags of peppers to pickle or freeze; basically it’s the very best time of year to eat in New England, like nature is coaxing us into relaxing before we get a big freeze and it all comes to a sudden stop.  Happily, Cuisine en Locale is there to cook for parties from teeny to enormous, using all local ingredients, all the time.

Come out to Artisans Asylum’s Makers Masquerade on Oct 22nd for a taste of the delicious party food we make, and get in on the craziest, fancy dress parties of the season.

Planning a private soiree?  Try this easy recipe for a beautiful and delicious vegetarian dip to add to a selection of finger food or a cheese tray.  We like to dip carrot sticks in our carrot dip for extra fall goodness.

We cannot make enough of this and we hope you love it too!


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