Meet one of the early pioneers of meal delivery and locavore-ing: JJ Gonson of Cuisine En Locale, in Somerville, MA. Part 1. By Chas Wagner

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Chas: We’re sitting here on a themed taco night. However, it’s not a Tuesday. But rather, a Monday. What’s up with tacos not on a Tuesday? More like, how did Taco Mondays come to be?

JJ: Partly to be contrarian, mainly to be difficult. We just seem to keep up with anti-promotions on a daily basis. We’re coming up with bad ideas all the time.

We do tacos on a Monday, because Monday is the day we cook and pack our once-a-week meal delivery program, so, we’re here.

It actually started because we did tacos last Cinco de Mayo, which went over well. Funny enough, it was a Monday!

So, we did it again. And people liked it. Then, we just kept doing it.

It coincides that just as we are finishing with putting the program together, and as the kitchen wraps up, we open for dinner.

It stuck, because, obviously, people love tacos.

At this point, we’ve introduced one other really serious, themed night as part of the weekly rotation.


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